Who is MrsNormal?

The world is in a terrible state. We can all agree about that.

What’s needed is heroic action. Lots of it. Right now.

Unfortunately, not all of us can be Joan of Arc or Naomi Klein, dropping everything for the struggle. Some of us have other things to do, like families. Families who may not feel quite the same way about the sacrifices required by the path of righteousness.

Some of us have a husband whose masculinity would be fatally compromised by leaving the house with a string bag, and children whose dream home is a Hummer limo.

I like to call myself the moral conscience of the family; they prefer to call me the Environmental Taliban.

It got to the point where I had to leave home, or write a book. The book sounded cheaper. So I stayed, and carried on. And wrote the book. You can read excerpts from it, or buy the whole thing, under  book 

It’s fiction, but with a core of tragic fact. Comedy being, after all, simply tragedy from the other person’s point of view.

Part of my tragedy was developing a passionate interest in waste disposal technologies, and the geopolitics of button manufacture.

It all needed somewhere to go. Hence this site.

And if it has a message, I guess it would be that, just because there are children to feed and chores to get done, it doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally raise your eyes from the sock drawer and remember to leave the world a better place. Even if it doesn’t do much for your domestic approval ratings.

So this is for all of us, fighting the lonely battle to do good without destroying our happy homes, and ending up on a compost heap of our own making.

This is MrsNormal.com, because heroism is not just for men in big boots; and because seeing the funny side is – normally – better than going on a killing spree in the shopping mall.


There are four pages that change:

blog – scenes from the life that inspired the book

shock – stuff you really ought to know

confusion – help with things that do your head in

book – excerpt and where to buy it

funny lettering indicates a link, many of them random but all enjoyable, I hope.

The first three rotate about every two weeks. Click on the address on the home page to get on the mailing list.

That’s it! Happy hunting!